At UWM, we support and reward students with ideas and drive, who want to collaborate on innovative solutions to the world’s problems.

What’s your idea?

Past innovators have included: consumer products like ice skates or swim goggles that speed up professional athletes; apps that help students get their degrees faster or grade school kids have fun learning math; and an arts program that improves the lives of people with dementia by creating their own original musicals.

Every Student Startup Challenge winner receives support for one year in the form of training and mentorship, a prototype and/or test team for their product or service, help developing a business model, and a budget to kickstart their idea.

The Student Startup Challenge at UWM turns student ideas into startup companies. The SSC fosters an entrepreneurial culture at UWM and in the Milwaukee area through creativity and deadline-orientated projects. Students are given time and space to shape their ideas, take risks, build their networks and tell their stories. The SSC bridges the gap between that first passionate idea and its realization, through teams of experts, mentors and peers to generate creative solutions to a wide range of challenges.


Submissions are now open! Enter your idea before July 1st.

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